What Are Private Security Agencies?

What Are Private Security Agencies?

Unquestionably private security agencies strive to protect, secure and guard. These companies are often hired to protect larger groups of people or an individual from potential harm. Furthermore, being able to effectively protect property damage from ill will individuals. However let’s dive deeper into what it means to be a private security agency. 

Private Security Guards | Fact vs Myth

Usually when people think of a private security guard, they think of a uniformed senior who patrol facilities at night. Barely being able to “stay awake” and “focused” for much of the time. However, with a reliable security company this is FALSE. 

FACTS: Overall a reliable and experienced private security company recruit nothing but the best of the best. It boils down to experience, professionalism and safety. Private security agencies deliver crime prevention and security for your business. So when hiring a potential security guard, various background checks and drug screening is performed. Without a doubt building a team of professionals who are experienced when it comes to security. 

When teaming up with a private security agency, you’re entrusting professionals to handle providing security staff for your company / business. Protecting and preventing against vandalism, theft and other crime related activities. 

Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards

When contacting a security guard company you’re most likely looking to hire an armed or an unarmed security guard. When searching for someone to protect you and your guests from potential harm, it’s ideal to know what kind of security you’ll need. For smaller events and gatherings people usually book an unarmed guard. However, for larger events located in a not so trusting city or area, hiring an armed security guard is usually the trend.

Generally, armed guards are more appropriate to hire for businesses and larger events. Events that are not likely opened to the public or during the hours your business is closed, etc. etc. Unarmed guards would be in close contact with public security forces such as the local police, hospital or fire dept. 

For Example: If you’re having a small event such as a wedding or small event you’ll want to hire an unarmed officer. However, if you’re running a music festival or a larger event, an armed security guard is recommended. 

Security Agencies & Licensing

Overall, asking to see licensing and certification from the the security agency you’re about to hire is highly recommended. Potentially hiring a company that’s not properly certificated and licensed can cause trouble for you in the long run. Remember, security agencies without the proper training and paperwork is illegal. Like carrying a gun without a permit, that’s a no go.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics require most states to have licensed security guards. Overall requirements for a license typically includes the obvious; being 18 years of age, passing criminal background checks and regular drug tests. Furthermore receiving proper training for emergency procedures. Specifically training that includes detaining suspects and handling situations of mass panic. 

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