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Arrow Security Corp. offers the most comprehensive security solution in the USA. We install and set up access systems for major businesses looking to upgrade their security. If you’re a business looking to monitor the access of your employees, we can help. We are aware that dealing with access control systems can be somewhat intimidating. 

What Is It?

Alarm Management Services help users in the following areas:

  • Benchmarking & Assessmen: audits that serve as the cornerstone of an alarm strategy
  • Philosophy : to establish the basis for alarm-setting methodology and ensure that the alarm system is effective and consistent with the broader organizational goals
  • Rationalization :training on site to empower users to conduct, facilitate, prepare and document a full alarm rationalization
  • Setup and Operation : Arrow's Advanced Alarm Management (AAM) suite of applications simplifies alarm management and change management processes. These software applications have built-in compliance with industry recommendations such as the ASM® Consortium guidelines, EEMUA Publication 191 and ISA 18.2
  • Continuous Improvement : via periodic assessments and audits
  • Hands-on Training : to carry out a compliant and effective alarm management strategy.​

How Does It Work?

Arrows’s Alarm Management specialists visit users on site and assist them in implementing an effective alarm management strategy. These experts use their knowledge of industry standards and their participation in recommendation committees to help users enforce an effective alarm management strategy that complies with regulatory requirements.  ​

What Problems Does It Solve?

Alarm Management Services help users:

  • Detect and defer abnormal situations
  • Implement a strategy in line with industry recommendations and standards
  • Develop an effective alarm strategy to improve safety, availability, and profitability.​

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