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24/7 Customer Support

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Arrow Security Corp. uses top personnel made of former federal, state, county, city and military law officers. Arrow has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry at less than 10%, while the industry average is 70%.

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Providing specialized security service to both private residential and gated communities.

Florida Security Guard


Security officers trained in diverse markets from tourism to local economy.

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Full service security designed to protect working professionals.

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Strong presence that focus on deterring criminal activity and ensure protection of property.

Top Security Companies


Delivering professional service among hospital staff and the ever changing flow of patients.

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Arrow Security Corp's

Advanced Technology

Private Security

We operate with state-of-the-art technology, using the latest in mobile guard management technology along with providing access controls systems and gate controls for different sectors.

Communicating & Reporting

Arrow Security officers are always in constant communication with our command center. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations with transparency and constant effective communication among our officers, our command center and you, the client. We use mobile applications that our clients also have access to, and we make sure our clients and stakeholders can access activity and incident reports, maintenance requests, site inspections and officer inspections.

Arrow is committed to high quality protective services for all of our clients. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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High quality protective services

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Company Growth


Arrow Security Corp has grown close to 4000% in 2016 because we have broken the mold and have created the new standard for security.

Arrow Security’s​ goal is to help communities professionalize in a systematic approach to become both apart of the community and also alleviate stress and work load off of the property management.