Photo ID System

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The issuance of photo ID cards is an important part of an overall security plan. An ID card is the visual verification that the person is authorized to be there, whether inside a facility, participating in an event, or accessing an organization’s assets.

What is Photo ID System?

Many companies, both large and small, are now issuing employee IDs capable of doing much more than simply identifying the cardholder. Employee ID badges can be integrated with access control systems for office buildings, restricted areas, and even company computers and networks. The benefits of this type of access control are many. Consider a corporate workplace for instance. In such a setting it’s typical for both full time and temporary workers to require access to buildings and networks. By integrating employee IDs with access control, the badges can be activated and disabled as workers come and go. Say a temporary worker’s contract comes to an end, the badge can simply be deactivated.An ID card is used for other card-based applications and services such as door access control, parking, cafeteria, print/copy control, and logical access control.

While there is an abundance of photo ID systems available for purchase on the internet, we firmly believe that photo ID systems are NOT a commodity, but rather a solution. Careful consideration of many factors should be taken so you select the RIGHT system for your organization. Yes, cost is important, but so is having the appropriate solution that meets your real-world needs.

If your organization is looking to implement an employee ID solution with a focus on access control, you’ll need an ID card printer built to handle your specific requirements. 

Build Your Photo ID ​Card System

Our local ID experts are available to help build the right photo ID ​card system for your organization.