Private Security FAQs

The world of private securty is vast and covers many different services. Here we try to cover the most frequently asked questions we hear about our security guards and our security agency.

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What is the meaning of security agency?

Security agencies are companies that are approved by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics to deliver patrol and guard services to the public. These services include bodyguards, parking, event, concert, private, residential and business security solutions. A security agency is a company that organizes special operations and delivers services depending on what the client’s security demands are. 

What is the security guard's responsibility?

The basic security guard responsibilities include protecting property, securing premises and managing video surveillance. Other services include permitting entry, preventing theft and damage to property. As a result, a security guard can prevent damage, theft, unwanted irregularities and trespassers. 

Can private security carry guns?

Private security officers can carry guns depending on the state and laws. There’s a total of 15 states where security guards can legally carry guns out in the public. However, this can also depend on gun training and licensing. When a private armed security guard uses their gun, they have to write a report about the incident and what led them to take action.

What is the difference between a security guard and a security officer?

Security officers are higher ranking in contrast to security guards. Furthermore, security guards require less training and usually work alongside or beneath a security officer. Security guards would only have to pass entry-level tests to get the job. This includes fitness and IQ tests. As for payment, security officers make a higher average compared to the standard security guard jobs.

How much does it cost to hire security for an event?

The cost of hiring security for an event can vary depending on the size of the event and what it requires. Security guard companies provide their clients with various package plans which include, patrolling premises, entrance security, parking security, and video surveillance. The average cost for basic security could range from $25 to $40 an hour per security guard. However, it can cost more or less depending on the event size and what services are required.

What services do security companies provide?

The basic services a security company provides are residential, private, commercial, development, construction, and event security. The next step of services usually includes 24-hour on-call security, remote video monitoring, loss prevention, vehicle patrols, spot checks, armed security, and uniformed officer services. As a result, security companies provide peace of mind and safety to the client’s property and guests.

What are security guard duties?

The duty of a security guard can vary depending on the services required. These services can include securing a property, prevention of property damage and theft, cameras, and gate installation, alarm management, and access control software. The goal of a security guard is to make sure the property and guests are safe from harm.

How much does private security cost?

The basic cost for private security can range anywhere from $20 to $30 per hour. However, the cost to hire private security could depend on what is required for the job. The private security guard could cost anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour for a one-day event depending on the task at hand.

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