Benefits When You Hire A Security Guard

Benefits When You Hire A Security Guard

Whether you’re an individual or a growing business, security will always be a concern. A company that specializes in security can fill a need before it becomes problematic. There are four major things you should know before you hire a Florida security guard, and they’re listed below. Deterring theft can save a company money, and lead to a much better work environment.

Private Security Guard Duties

When you hire a security guard, they protect individuals and facilities. This includes trespassing, burglary, theft, and general threats to the clients as individuals or facilities. A Florida security guard is not the same as a police officer or a security team of the state. But they still retain similar abilities to detain a criminal for a short period of time.

Suspicious activity can happen at any time during the day or night. Without a dedicated guard to monitor the activity, clients have to depend on police to provide protection. When an action requires an immediate response, private security can diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand. The difference between an immediate action and a few minutes of waiting is huge. Not only does it save money, but it also saves lives. This is often the prime reason that clients consider a personal security guard.

Why Hire A Security Guard

Security agencies offer immediate protection of an individual, group or premises. Banks still use security guards to transport money for a reason! When a client needs reliable protection that is always there, a private security guard will fill that role. It is the best defense to have against unknown threats to individuals or businesses.

Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

A lot of training is required to be competent in security services. This makes up the base of the roles, and fills out skill requirements for various positions. Beyond the basics, there are plenty of advanced responsibilities for a private security guard.

  • Personal/Group Assistance – When people on premises need help, they feel more comfortable approaching a security guard instead of a stranger. A business that receives large groups of clients can use security guards as a visual enforcement of the company’s security detail.
  • Patrols – Illegal activity in or around the property can always be monitored with a security guard. Instead of waiting for an action to harm your company, it is investigated and nullified by the guard.
  • Proper Surveillance Camera Usage – This is a big one, and something that is overlooked when getting an expensive security camera system. Without someone competent and trained to operate it, then it is useless.
  • Reporting – Paperwork prevents your company from having to deal with problems in court. A well-trained security detail follows correct procedures to log all important activity on the premises.

Security Guard Roles

A good worker wears all hats, regardless of role. Security services train in multiple areas so that they are competent in the majority of situations. Specialized roles are available where guards excel in a specific area, but the general idea is to be multidisciplined. Here are some of the more notable roles for a security guard.

Remote observing and reporting is for guards skilled with CCTV tech. They monitor the cameras for anything suspicious and react according to company protocol.

Patrols are guards that excel in presence. Whether on foot or in a car, they are always on the move to secure the perimeter, interior and all available exits. Security agencies that patrol will know all of the weak spots in a building.

A security guard that is assigned to a single individual will take on special responsibilities. This includes handling communications, running specific errands or doing checks on a potential threat in the area.

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